Hoults Wine Merchants, Huddersfield

Established in 1983 Hoults Wine Merchants is one of the country’s leading independent wine merchants.

Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday 9.30am to 5.30pm and Thursday, Friday 9.30am to 6.30pm we are a family business with an enthusiastic if not slightly alcoholic team. Within the four walls of our large shop we have a range of over 600 wines from around the world, with something to suit every palate and pocket. Regular tasting and a very open minded attitude to wine means that the range of wines we offer is constantly changing, we don’t want you or us to get bored. Plenty of drinking also ensures that we know the wines on our shelves and that the ad Read more…

 Wines of the moment

White. Circumstance Sauvignon Blanc 2015  ~ South Africa normally £11.99 now £9.99

Yes Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc is very popular and yes the Loire greats such as Sancerre have all the history and kudos but the Sauvignon Blanc’s coming out of South Africa at the moment are seriously world class. They don’t have the big, bold pungency of a Marlborough Sauvignon and they don’t get quite as grassy and streamlined as a Loire white but that isn’t to say they are middle of the road. No, this wine showcases that at it’s best South African Sauvignon Blanc is perfectly balanced, this has weight and texture and delightfully crunchy citrus fruit flavours that never ever run the risk of being too ‘loud’. Annoyingly it’s in a bottle so dark that it looks like a red wine but ignore that just get in and put it to the taste test.


White. Seriously Cool Chenin Blanc 2015, South Africa was £11.99 now only £9.99

Chenin Blanc is the ‘other’ white grape in the Loire Valley and generally these days plays second fiddle to Sauvignon Blanc. In South Africa though it has to be the shining light, the jewel in the crown, the great white hope. There is nowhere on earth right now producing such a broad array of brilliant wines from this grape which for so long was seen as the cheap workhorse of the Cape. I mentioned texture with the Sauvignon above but this wine is all about texture that is it’s super power. When you drink this wine you know from the get go that it’s there and again it’s not because the flavour volume has been turned up to 11 it’s because you can feel it. All stone fruit and honey wrapped up with a perfect streak of acidity, there’s no rush to drink this once it’s open as it will develop nicely over a few days but will you give it the chance??

Red. Tommy & The Peleton Ventoux Rouges 2014, France £11.99

This delicious blend of Syrah and Grenache comes from the terrific Domaine des Anges whose wines we have stocked before. It has the story of Tommy Simpson’s tragic end and pays tribute to his many achievements, fittingly each bottle sold will add a donation to the upkeep of the Tom Simpson Memorial on Mont Ventoux. Soft and supple with real warmth and complexity this is a heart-warming wine with a very pleasing little spice to the finish and I like it a lot. You never know, you may drink a few glasses of this and then decide that the best thing to do would be to arrange a summer trip to take your bike up Mont Ventoux and see Tommy’s memorial for yourself, there are worse ways to keep healthy.

Red. Beatnik Malbec 2015 ~ Australia normally £7.99 now only £4.99

Everyone seems to love Malbec these days and the Argentinian variety has usurped Aussie Shiraz as the go to big and rich red so what have the Aussies done about it? Well if you can’t beat em, join em. This luscious, hearty Malbec shows what happens when you have beautifully sun-kissed fruit and squeeze as much as possible in to a bottle. Have this with a big slab of steak.




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