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Gin, Gin, Gin.

I have been a wine merchant for 25 years and I have seen so many trends come and go over that time, so I am in no doubt that the gin boom will fade at some point but it looks like that won’t be for a while yet. So hip is gin that I’m thinking of taking my new facial furniture to Shoreditch and opening a gin and audio cassette bar. In the pleasingly spartan and austere surroundings of recycled scaffolding pipes and 80’s pink lighting you will be able to enjoy a Space Gin* and Norwegian Elk Dropping Tonic whilst listening to Culture Club’s Greatest Hits recorded off the radio on a TDK C90 with only minimal interference from Gary Davies*.

*Space Gin is a real thing I found out about yesterday. The Boutiquey Gin Company apparently fire their botanicals in to space where the pressure alters them in a good way and then the gin itself is filtered through moon rock. If you are in this sort of thing then you probably need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

*I’ve also just realised how dodgy the phrase ‘minimal interference’ is when put in front of an 80’s Radio 1 DJ!!

So whilst this band wagon keeps rolling and to try and appear hip and indeed cool here are 6 superb gins which have never been near the moon and in fact haven’t even been outside of Yorkshire. We have taster bottles of all these gins and we have tonic so we’re more than happy to mix up a little taster G&T. Also here’s a little tempter of an offer.

Buy and 2 bottles of the gins below and SAVE £10

Divine Gin
Divine Raspberry Gin

Ray Woolhead is a lovely chap who has spent the last few years perfecting and peddling his gin from his base in Holmfirth. There is the option of a classic London Dry or the wonderfully colourful and fresh not sweet Raspberry Gin. Made with fresh Raspberries so if you were unable to get hold of a punnet of your favourite granola topping earlier in the year then it was Ray’s fault as he bagged them all for this. Both gins are very carefully and lovingly handcrafted from beginning to bottling and it’s terrific to have something so nice produced on our doorstep.

Jacqson Gin
Jacqson Strawberries and Cream Gin

These two are from Netherton, that home of artisan booze! Jacqueline has managed to craft two gins which are distilled with very flavoursome ingredients but which  are both actually very elegant and subtle. The rhubarb is not the sweet addition that it is in so many, instead it is that fresh astringency which comes through and then the other Yorkshire ingredient of licquorice lingers nicely at the finish. The strawberries and cream shouldn’t work but it does, without tonic it does nothing but add some elderflower tonic and it sings with gently sweet strawberries and a wonderfully cream texture, I was very, very surprised that I liked it, but I did.

Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin
I’ll be honest and say that Karl Mason’s regular gin is not a favourite of mine I find it far to sharp at the back of the palate but this gin combines two of my favourite drinks and so what’s not to like. The herbacious aromatics of the tea are perfectly balanced and this makes a very refreshing G&T indeed.

Whittakers Pink Particular
Toby and Helen Whittaker hail from Harrogate and they make sensational gin which has won some very serious awards, in fact they won a handful at a prestigious US spirits awards just the other month including best imported gin. This is the best gin they produce and the addition od pink hibiscus, pink peppercorns and cardoman give it a bouquet so delightful that I’d gladly wear it let alone drink it.

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