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Proper Pepsi Challenge

On the subject of flavour I thought I would give you an incentive to take one of the best taste challenges out there. There is a world of difference between non-vintage and vintage Champagne. Non-vintage has to conform to a ‘house’ style so that whenever you buy a bottle of your favourite Champagne you sort of know what to expect. This does put restrictions on the wine maker that aren’t really there when it comes to vintage Champagne. Each individual year presents different challenges and different flavours and a great winemaker can really go hell for leather to see just how far they can push flavours. The easiest way to see difference between the two is to taste them side by side and so to help you with this slightly decadent taste challenge I’ve put in place an upmarket multi-buy incentive.

Pol Roger is one of my favourite Champagne houses and so here’s the deal:

Pol Roger Brut Reserve non-vintage £40.00
Pol Roger Brut 2004 vintage £60.00

Buy one bottle of each for only £80.00

(if you want to know how good a deal this is then Majestic are currently selling the non-vintage for £52.50 a bottle)

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