Hoults Wine Merchants, Huddersfield

Established in 1983 Hoults Wine Merchants is one of the country’s leading independent wine merchants.

Open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.30pm we are a family business with an enthusiastic if not slightly alcoholic team. Within the four walls of our large shop we have a range of over 600 wines from around the world, with something to suit every palate and pocket. Regular tasting and a very open minded attitude to wine means that the range of wines we offer is constantly changing, we don’t want you or us to get bored. Plenty of drinking also ensures that we know the wines on our shelves and that the advice we offer comes straight from the palate. Read more…

 Wines of the moment

White. Bodegas Carlos Serre ‘Onamastica’ Rioja Blanco Reserva 2012, Spain £25
I can’t recall ever seeing a reserva white Rioja but then again I can’t recall what I had for tea last Tuesday either. I do remember tasting this wine though because it ticked a lot of boxes for me. That beautiful balance between elegance, palate weight and oak is perfect, they all work in such harmony. If this wine was a course on Great British Menu then it would definitely get four 10’s.



White. Gorka Izagirre ‘AMA’ Bizkaiko Txakolina 2015, Spain £36
I loved this Basque wine enormously when I first tasted it. It just has that magic something that my teeny brain finds hard to describe and by saying that it is persistent, complex, fleshy and vibrant but oh so sophisticated then I am doing it a serious injustice, it is just ‘that’ good. Also Gorka Izagirre is a  very talented road cyclist and as far as I am aware in no way related to the winemaker but I like cycling and I like wine so this is a pretty perfect thing.



White: Keith Tulloch ‘Epogee’ Winemakers Selection 2017, Australia £20
This wine is mind-bendingly good and produced by one of Australia’s finest winemakers who comes from a family of wine legends but the label has me very confused. Epogee sounds like a lovely word that should mean something very smart but I can’t find it in my little dictionary but the word Apogee does mean the culmination or climax of something. Well when I tasted this gorgeous Rhone blend I nearly had an apogee myself, it’s that good, but then again so are all the other Keith Tulloch wines we carry.

Look at my big dictionary!




White: Villa Raiano ‘Contrado Morotta’ Greco di Tufo, 2015 Italy £23.50
Writing tasting notes is a thing I find tricky, as I’ve mentioned before I tend to go for the ‘wow, that’s good’ or ‘I could happily drown in this wine’ so I thought I would let someone else write one for this really rather excellent drop. This was a review from The Wine Enthusiast written by Kerin O’Keefe

Contrada Marotta Greco di Tufo 2015:Chopped herb, Mediterranean brush, white spring blossom and ripe citrus aromas take the lead. The bright elegantly structured palate offers yellow pear, tangerine and energizing mineral notes set against refreshing acidity. 92 points.”
Energizing? Sounds fun doesn’t it?



Fizz:  Henners Vineyard Native Grace Brut, England £49.50
Yes you read that correctly, I am indeed asking nearly £50 for an English wine, the world has truly turned on its head. What a wine though, this absolutely bowled me over at a tasting the other week and that takes some doing given my reticence towards English wine. This multi vintage blend has it all though, from the ever so pretty label, with a wonderful story to it, to the nose which is just so complex that I was walking around with the glass stuck to my nose so that it looked like some sort of vinous feed bag. Then the palate continues this riotous joy of complex toasty, brioche, yeasty, fresh complexity and the finish lingers long on the palate and in the memory. Yes it’s a little pricey but it’s made in tiny quantities, less than 1000 bottles, and it is amazing.

Red: Belharra Syrah, Carneros Sonoma County 2014, USA £36
What a lovely elegant bottle of Syrah this is, all leathery perfume and ever so textured black fruit. You could spend a long time finding all of the different notes in fact it would probably take less time to work out how those yanks have turned one long strand of hair in to an entire Donald Trump hairpiece.



Red: Chateau l’Ermitage ‘Epicuria’ Costieres de Nimes 2016, France  £22
This is a big wine and I mean a really big wine and it’s in a big bottle and I mean a really big bottle. The wine is deep and bold and luscious and I reckon you could stand a spoon up in it. This wine will age for a good while so if, like me, you are impatient then it is going to need decanting and let it get some air to it and then it will wrap you up in its charms and not let go. Wondrous. It also has a name which reminds me of one of my favourite places to eat, Epicure. If you haven’t yet sought out this little gem opposite the university then you are missing out big time so find it and enjoy it.


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