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£130 Mixed Case

Turn the flavour up to 11 with this amazing selection of 12 superbly tasty treats. As with all the mixed cases if you just want white or red let us know and we’ll double up on your preferred colour.


Nocturne Melon de Bourgogne, France
Melon de Bourgogne is the grape used to produce Muscadet and as the names suggest originally hails from Burgundy. It has happily been producing great wine in the Loire since the 17th century yet it is only really in the last couple of decades that it is getting the recognition it deserves. There is mineral freshness, there is palate weight, there is such an engaging fee to the wine overall that all it is missing is a nice big dish of moules mariniere.

Domaine de Tourelles, Lebanon
Chateau Musar is by far the most famous producer in the Lebanon but there are now many seriously world class wineries and this multi award winning producer is one of them. This is a blend of Viognier, Chardonnay, Obeidi and a dash of Muscat all aged in stainless steel. Spicy, white peach characters with a sublime perfume of jasmine. This wine is surprisingly fresh and bursting with peach and apricot flavours. Beautifully balanced with an impressive backbone of elegant minerality. This is a delight to the senses.

Domaine du Pre Baron Touraine Sauvignon, France
This wine has just won the ‘By The Glass Trophy’ and a gold medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards, not that it matters that much as all the restaurants are closed. So what you should be doing is putting together a nice goats cheese salad with some crispy lardons and a good drizzle of balsamic vinegar and serve it with this wine just as you would on a terrace in France. The best way to think of it is as a Sancerre without the label.

Ripa Delle Ghiande Falanghina, Italy
The white wines of Campania in central Italy are largely ignored which is a crying shame as there are so many good wines there. From Greco di Tufo to Fiano di Avelino to this delightful Falanghina it is quite possibly the pronunciation which causes the problems but get past that and you are in for a true delight. Delicate and lightly fragrant aromas of blossom and wild herbs. Crisp and incisive on the palate with pure, focused fruit characters, apricot, grapefruit and bitter lemon. This is nicely is balanced by taut acidity, stony/mineral texture and a clean, savoury finish with lightly floral notes.

Chateau l’Ermitage Blanc ‘Auzan’, France
What I wouldn’t give to be sat on a picnic blanket in the very south of the Rhone Valley enjoying a chilled glass of this delight. I could also visit Nimes while I was there and maybe they have a museum to jeans, it is the home of Denim after all. Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Viognier from seriously well tended vineyards combine to create this terrifically modern white wine. Gently aromatic on the nose with a stony, flinty quality on the palate along with hints of ripe nectarine, beautifully balanced and satisfying with a refreshing pithy finish. 

Bottega Vinai Nosiola, Italy
Hands up if you’ve heard of this grape variety before. Yes it is unknown but it shouldn’t be because it produces amazing wines. So amazing in fact that this wine has won a ridiculous number of awards including the ‘Wine Merchant Top 100’ Trophy for Best Value White Wine. The best way to describe it flavour wise is Pinot Grigio with attitude.


Albacea Monastrell, Spain
How can a wine with this much oomph be so easy to drink? I have tried on several occasions to solve this conundrum but I just end up tipsy and unable to work out far simpler problems. Whatever it is it works and it works well, the super sunny south of Spain has ensured that the fruit for this wine is perfectly ripe and this adds extra softness alongside all of that rich, rustic flavour. Terrific with something grilled.

Amauta Tannat, Argentina
Argentina is just about Malbec and this wine proves it. Tannat is more normally found in the South West of France where it produces wines with plenty of structure and quite a bit of grip. This wine retains the structure but loosens the grip in exchange for something far more rounded and welcoming. A rich, velvet smooth delight.

Caparonne Montepulciano, Italy
This isn’t your normal pizza place Montepulciano, this has got so much more going for it. It is rich, raspy and seriously yummy. All Morello cherry fruit with a real depth of flavour but that slap of bright acidity keeps everything in check and reminds you of sun kissed rolling hillsides.

Baron de Bellevue Cotes du Bourg, France
I drove through the town of Bourg once and it seemed to be completely deserted in the way that so many small French towns are. Maybe they were all out working the vineyards to make sure that the grapes were as good as they’d need to be for a wine as delicious as this one. Classic, approachable Bordeaux with Merlot leading the charge and giving a lovely gutsy feel to this charming wine. Do things properly and serve it with roast beef.

Chateau l’Ermitage Rouge ‘Auzan’, France
This appellation used to be seen as the poor cousin of Cotes du Rhone but these days the efforts of producers such as this Chateau have ensured that it now has a reputation worthy of its wines. This spicy, rich, heart-warming blend of Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache will give many a Chateauneuf a run for its money.

Chateau de Belleverne Chenas, France
It’s nearly summer and what sunshine needs is Beaujolais, the greatest wine appellation in France. I understand that I am in the minority with this thought but I’m right so that’s that. You see summer needs some subtlety it can’t be all BBQ’s and Soleros sometimes it needs to be a cous cous salad and a sorbet. So serve this delight a little cooler and it will reward you with crunchy black cherry fruit and a palate that has so much flavour but retains that amazing delicate touch which is so important for Beaujolais. A real triumph.

Total separate selling price £157 so YOU SAVE £27

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