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The Brilliant Champagne Lallier & The Bike Of Awesomeness

Top of the top Champagne house Krug used to have a Rolls Royce panel van, Champagne Mercier has a hot air balloon and an underground train and the lovely folk at Lallier have a push bike. Well, they don’t have it because I have it right here in my shop. All of the above were made as marketing gimmicks and as the roller has been flogged, the hot air balloon is now a monument and the I don’t have space for the train then I’m singularly chuffed to have the bike. Now the bike isn’t any old bike just like Lallier isn’t any old Champagne, just like their Champers it is put together using only the finest component parts. This bike is definitely 100% Grand Cru. Why have they built it? Well someone over here suggested it and then they organised the bits and pieces and a hotelier in Scarborough built it, I kid you not. If you like your bikes then you’ll know that it is a thing of beauty, even if you don’t like them you’ll still be able to see it’s beauty.

Find out more about how the bike exists here

One thing about it is bothering me though and that is that it was built over a year ago and it has never actually made it out on to the road. This is a crying shame and a bit like that bottle of Macallan whisky which sold for three quarters of a million and yet no one will drink it, whisky is made for drinking and bikes are  made to ride. So after spending its formative months in various merchants gathering dust it is here with me so that it can finally fulfil its destiny (that sounds so much better than ‘so a fat lad can go out and play on the hills of Huddersfield) The other reason any of these odd promo things are made is to promote the brand so do us a favour and search out Lallier on social media and follow them, they will tell you a lot more about just how amazing they are than I’m going to try below.

Find out much, much more about Lallier than I can explain here

Terrific Champagne Lallier Deals as part of a concerted effort to make Poptober a real thing.

Lallier Grand Cru Grand Reserve Brut NV
A really lovely introduction to the wines and the house style of Lallier, this Pinot Noir dominated blend is complex and elegant with that balance of ripe fruit with a toasty, yeasty palate and a very stylish finish.

Lallier Grand Rose Grand Cru Brut NV
Aged on its lees for a minimum of three years this wine has developed the most wonderful complexity but retained its prettiness and delicate touch. A delightful shade of pale pink with lovely, lively wild strawberry and raspberry flavours and a beautiful softness. A very sippable Champagne.

Lallier R013 Brut
Something a little different here as this isn’t quite a vintage Champagne but it’s pretty close. The R013 relates to this being made from wines mostly from that vintage (83%) the balance coming from the ’02, ’08 and ’10 vintages. This means that this wine is really an expression of that year and winemaker Francis Tribaut has tried to ensure that it is as expressive as possible. The dosage is lower than normal to allow the wines original flavour profile to really shine through. I think this wine is amazing and a terrific food Champagne.

Lallier Grand Cru Vintage 2005

There are only a handful of bottles of this wine left so get them whilst you can but be warned this wine is not for the faint hearted. It is a monster of a wine, so deep and rich and complex and there is flavour squeezed in to every nook and cranny. It has to go with food and I would possibly suggest a beef wellington, that’s how impressive this wine is.

Lallier Grand Cru Ouvrage NV
This is the pinnacle of what Lallier is all about. It is hand crafted and I do mean hand crafted. Unlike most Champagnes which will age on their lees with the bottle sealed by a crown cap (beer bottle top to you and me) this wine is aged under cork. With the pressure in the bottle the cork is held in by staples and as this is quite a delicate situation the bottles have to be manipulated by hand at all times. This more traditional method adds greater flavour and complexity but it’s higher time and cost implications mean that very few still do it. It all comes down to the Lallier principal of ensuring that the finished wine, and this spends 5 years ageing, is a true reflection of the terroir and the fruit that was originally harvested. This is a wine which I would gladly put up there with Dom Perignon, Cristal and Krug in terms of excellence, thankfully it’s not up there in terms of price.

Keep an eye out for the further adventures of me on a bike once I get fit enough to do it justice, this means that I am currently spending 30 minutes sat in the kitchen at the shop on a very old bike on a turbo trainer going an interesting and slightly worrying shade of red. I’ll get there, eventually.

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