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So I seem to be keeping up with the new trend for very irregular e-mails, well I say trend, I’m starting it and just crossing my fingers and hoping that the John Lewis and M&S marketing departments follow suit. I waffled last time about moving houses and boxes and so I thought I’d keep that house moving analogy going a bit longer. When you purchase your new dream house you very often start by decorating one room and then move on room by room until the whole house is a symphony of feature walls and too many cushions (I hate cushions). Then you look back at that first room and realise that it could really do with re-decorating and the whole cycle begins again. Well the shop has been a bit like that, I’ve been busy overhauling the variety on offer from just about every country except for the one nearest to my heart and my glass, France. So I looked at my French range and decided it was a little bit, well, dado rails and stripy wallpaper and so I decided to give it a freshen up and add in some shiny new wines along with some of my absolute all time favourites.

Now I would love to eulogise in great detail (I was going to write ‘long and hard’ but it just sounded wrong) but I just don’t have the time as I’ve got all these bloomin French wines to put on the shelves. So instead here is a compact little list of the first tranche of delights and what you need to do is pop your good self in to the shop and have a gander, a natter and a taste of them. We’ll have plenty available to taste on Saturday and through the miracle of my ‘technical tasting gadget’ on other days too.


France is the very centre of the world of wine-making, yes the Spanish and Italians would happily disagree but the whole of the new world spends most of its wine making time looking all puppy eyed in the direction of la Belle France. The good and great wines (for that is what these are) have that true showing of terroir, they taste of the place, the spirit of the people who work the land and the history that has carved out the reason for the wines very existence. They have that unmistakable lick of freshness that balances out all those layers of flavour and prevents the wines from ever seeming over extracted and utter fruit bombs for the sake of trying to see just how much flavour you could fit in to a bottle, this is wine making, not the schoolboy measuring of ones trouser contents. (Oops! I’ve just realised that I said I wouldn’t start to get all waffly and then I just have. Well this should just illustrate to you why you need to avail yourself of some of these wonderous wines, go on get on with it)

Chateau Roudier Montagne St Emilion 15.99
Chateau Siaurac Lalande de Pomerol 28.50
Jean Durup Chablis l’Eglantiere 17.99
Domaine Andre Colonge Beaujolais Villages 11.99
Domaine de la Chaponne Morgon Cotes du Py 14.99
Domaine Andre Colonge Fleurie 15.99
Chateau des Tours Brouilly 15.99
Chateau Bonnet Saint Amour Vielles Vignes 16.99
Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau Vouvray Sec Clos de Rougement 16.99
Domaine Andre Dezat Sancerre Rouge 17.99
Domaine Couly Dutheil Chinon ‘les Gravieres’ 14.99
Roger Sabon Lirac 16.99
Domaine le Couroulu Vacqueyras Cuvee Classique 17.99
Chateau la Bastide Corbieres Blanc 10.99
Vignobles Brumont Gros Manseng Sauvignon 10.99
Chateau Bouscasse Pacherenc-Sec 15.99
Cave Yves Cuilleron Viognier ‘Les Vignes d’a Cote’ 18.99
Roger Sabon Le Sabounnet 9.99
Chateau la Bastide Merlot 9.99
Chateau la Bastide Corbieres Rouge 10.99
Chateau la Bastide Syrah Vielles Vignes 10.99
Vignobles Brumont Tannat Merlot 10.99
Cave Yves Cuilleron Syrah ‘les Vignes d’a Cote’ 13.99
Tour de Bouscasse Madiran 16.99
Vignobles Brunier Megaphone Rouge 17.99

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