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Luxury Mixed Six ~ Red

Spioenkop Pinotage, South Africa
Koen Roose is mad, proper cuckoo bonkers but he is also a massively talented winemaker and his single minded vision ensures that his wines certainly are unique. I had the pleasure of his company for a morning at his winery and he is a real force of nature. His wines are singularly 

excellent but, like him, they don’t conform. Pinotage is a hybrid of Pinot Noir and Cinsault (originally known as Hermitage) and Koen sees that as Pinot is the dominant part of the wine then so should it be the dominant style of the wine. So this is a far more elegant approach to this Cape classic and it works so well for it. With complex red fruit notes, great acidity, a touch of spice and amazing complexity. Madness and genius, a very fine line. Here’s a picture of Koen looking like Jason Statham. 

Domaine Desire Petit Trousseau ‘Les Grandes Gardes’ Arbois, France
I met this property just a couple of weeks before lockdown and as such this is the first time that the wines have landed on the shelf. I was completely bowled over by the quality throughout the range (one of the whites is included in the luxury white case) and I’ve been looking forward to drinking them again as much as selling them. This red is lighter, brighter and packed full of character and freshness. A gingham table cloth a few cold chicken legs and a lightly chilled bottle of this and a lazy afternoon in the sunshine is set. Once tried you’ll fall head over heels in love with it.

Domaine Fiumicicoli Rouge, Corse Sartène, France
The correct way to pronounce this Corsican estate is ‘phew-me-chikoli’ which always makes me think of a near miss in the nethers. That schoolboy nonsense aside this is a very grown up wine and is very likely going to be your introduction to the delights of Nielluccio and Sciarcarello which are the two principle grape varieties backed up by a little Syrah. The resulting wine is fresh, vibrant red cherry fruit with a herby edge on the nose, the palate is fleshy and characterful with a hint of Italian rusticity and some balancing structure. A tasty, country red with just a touch of tannin.

Le Clos du Serres ‘Sainte-Pauline’, France
This is the best property in the Terasses du Larzac appellation by a country kilometere (they are French after all) and it shows abundantly in the wines. This cuvee is absolutely bursting with life and it revels in its tribute to Syrah. The depth and richness of the Syrah are supported by some spice and sappiness from the likes of Carignan and Cinsault and they all combine to produce a wine which is a lovely and purple in the glass. It has bouncy violet notes on the palate, this is textbook extroverted Syrah.

Pra ‘Morandina’ Valpolicella, Italy
This wine pretty much falls in to that there ‘natural’ category but luckily it doesn’t veer down that funky avenue very far. This is just an exercise in less is more, just let mother nature do her thing and you will hopefully end up with the most characterful fruit imaginable and that’s what we have here. Black cherry richness with a underlying mineral, slate character and perfect acidity giving a freshness to the palate which is so well balanced it’s almost unbelievable. Yummy.

Merum Priorati Ardiles Priorat, Spain
Big, rich, bold, deep, complex, savoury, spicy. I’m tempted to leave the description as that because that pretty much sums up this amazing wine. This is a wine that will just keep getting better although as a shopkeeper I would advise against not drinking it and wholeheartedly encourage you to pop a bottle in a decanter and let it breathe a little. The reward will be sheer oodles of wow.

Only £110
Total separate selling price £131 so YOU SAVE £21

Buy both the red & white luxury case together for £205 and SAVE a total of £52

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