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Massive Winter Wine Tasting

++Massive Tasting Alert++

Now then this next thing is definitely for those of you that do like the taste of wine because it’s the taste of 40 different wines. Yes 40 different wines in one place, at one time, that can only mean that it’s time for one of our jolly big tastings. This one is 40 different wines because it is my wife, and partner in this here shop’s 40th birthday and what better way to celebrate than a wine for every year? We weren’t going to be hosting a big tasting this year because Bridget is going to open a wine bar element to the shop and this was initially going to be before Xmas but we want to do it properly and that needs time and I like Xmas too much as a shopkeeper to get it wrong. This has meant that I now know how much space we have and we can fill that space with lots of wine and lots of people.

What’s even better is that for the first time we’re holding it on a Saturday evening. So you have all day to get prepped and then Sunday to recover, which is exactly what we’ll be doing. Tickets will be £20 each and as usual half of this money will go towards helping the amazing Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust continue to fight cancer in young people. The other half will come back to you in the form of a voucher which is redeemable if you spend over £50. So you can taste amazing wines, do some serious good and get a deal at the end of the night, it’s an amazing idea. We’ll also put some light nibbles on as usual.

P.S. if you don’t want to drink then I will happily make you a brew or provide you with a nice glass of water or even Vimto.

Bridget’s Big Birthday Bash
40 Wines for 40 Years
Saturday 17th November 2018

5:30pm start.  Tickets £20

Book online at Eventbrite here or pop in to the shop and buy them.

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