Hoults Wine Merchants, Huddersfield

We Are Moving

There we are the cat is out of the bag and that cat is moving at quite a speed. By the end of the first week in August we will be in new premises and trust me that is putting quite a bit of pressure on Bridget and myself. Before that though I need to answer the questions that you are now asking.

1. Firstly, why are we moving? Well twelve years ago we left the railway arches on Viaduct Street because they were going to demolish Tesco and we didn’t want to be on a street which was essentially empty during the day. So we moved to our current site which was full and had major national retailers as neighbours. Well 12 years later we are one of four units and when Laura Ashley closes its doors for the final time in a few weeks then we would be the only occupied unit and we don’t want to be somewhere which is essentially empty during the day (oh, the irony). This combined with a landlord who won’t budge on rent means that, despite the changes we have made to the premises in the last year or so, it would be daft to stay. 

2. Where are we moving? Well, Tesco changed their mind about moving and so they didn’t demolish anything and Viaduct Street is still a very busy road. So we’re going back to our roots and moving in to a railway arch. We’ll be a few doors up from where we used to be as we take over what was Marimonte Restaurant (opposite the exit of Tesco). One of the big advantages is that it backs on to the current car park. That car park has 90 minutes free parking so you can still use it to park when you are shopping at the new shop and don’t forget we always carry the wine to your car.

3. When are we moving? Well Covid19 has affected many things and one of them is our ability to get things signed and done, but in the scheme of how it has affected people across the country it is absolutely nothing. We have to be out of where we are by August 6th so we’ll be open in the new place by then at the latest. We only got the keys a week ago and we’ve been working jolly hard to speed things up. Even so getting this all done in 6 weeks is going to be interesting, but we’ll get it done. 

4. What about the wine bar? This is the one that is the biggest frustration for Bridget and I as we only opened the doors on the bar in May last year. We’ve loved the bar and have had some amazing evenings in there and should have had even more. We had an absolutely stellar line up of wine makers from around the globe signed on to host tasting evenings but what has gone on lately has put a stop to that. Given that Coronavirus is a while off going away we have decided to open as a shop only to start with as social distancing measures simply won’t work in the new site. We will get on with making the most of this year and then we’ll sit down in January 2021 and see how we bring the wine bar back, we want the fun it gave as much as you do.

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