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Whispering Angel Offer

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’ so said Yves Saint Laurent which quite possibly explains the current popularity of Provence Rose. The huge popularity of these beautifully delicate wines from the sunny South of France is a case of what has always been stylish becoming fashionable. Seeing as we are still at the early stage of this fashion craze it is still being governed by very stylish wines and wines which in the large part are not your everyday quaffing price, a bit like the early days of Marlborough Sauvignon. So before lakes of tacky pink Provence-a-likes appear let us revel in these oh so chichi wines. Now there are many very fine examples of seriously tasty Provence roses but there is one that strides across the shelves of British wine shops like a colossus, probably a colossus in some seriously fierce Manola Blahniks. That wine is Whispering Angel from Caves d’Esclans, a wine that has only been around for just over a decade. In that time though it has become the go to Provence rose and the must have wine and has spawned some pretty pricey siblings too, the top of the range Garrus will set you back around £130 a bottle! Whispering Angel though is a very, very good wine and deserves its popularity, I will gladly admit that I have other rose wines in the shop that are its equal and wines that cost less and taste better but none of them say Whispering Angel on the label so, apparently, they don’t count. 

So let’s just concentrate on what it is that makes this wine so sought after, firstly there is the obvious thing that it is called Whispering Angel and they’ve been very savvy in the branding stakes. It comes in very pretty, very pink boxes that are very ‘must have’. Then there is what is in the bottle and it is good, very good wine, this isn’t just some gimmick, this is top quality wine making it definitely not ‘fur coat and no knickers’. It’s subtle, elegant, complex with red fruits, savoury notes and ever so perfectly balanced acidity and the texture on the palate is absolutely spot on. This is a wine which is made for lazy afternoons with great company and the distant promise of sunshine.

When a wine is so well known then price will always come in to the equation somewhere and that has happened with Whispering Angel. This is a wine that sells for £22 a bottle but if you start looking on the internet then the price starts to get a little beaten up and oh so confusing. So I thought I’d simplify things, we’ll keep the bottle price at £22 but if you buy six bottles, and given that it looks so tres chic in it’s lovely pink case then you should, the price comes down to just £100 for the case or £16.67 a bottle and that is a price which is very, very hard to beat. Never wanting to not be mistaken for a market trader, that’s not all, I’ll also throw in a Whispering Angel branded Ice Bag with each case. This is essentially a portable ice bucket bag so you can enjoy chilled rose wherever you are in the garden.

Whispering Angel £22 bottle or

£100 for a case of 6

Before we leave all the talk of fashion here’s a quote which fans of Prosecco should heed, ‘Trendy is the last stage before tacky’ ~ Karl Lagerfeld

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