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Wine Bar Wine List Rose Wine

A perfectly formed selection of rose wines whatever the weather.

  1. Domaine Terres Georges Rose, Languedoc, 2018, 13.5% 3.90 £18.00
    This is the third vintage of rose from the ever awesome Roland & Anne-Marie and it is the best yet. In fact it’s not just the best yet I go so far as to say that it’s frikkin wonderful, it’s earth-shatteringly good, it’s an absolute delight. It’s pale but not as pale as Provence, it’s delicate but not overly so and it’s very, very, very more-ish. They make tiny amounts so get it while we’ve got it.
  2. Miguel Torres Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Rose, Chile 2018 13% 4.10 £19.00
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    This wine dares to be different, it flies in the face of conformity, it is a brazen hussy and it wears its heart upon its sleeve. That is because in a world where the paler the rose wine the better it is perceived this wine hangs on to its traditions and is barely pink at all. Instead it is almost a red wine, the colour is so dark and that is the way all rose wines from Chile used to look but with the rise in popularity for Provence rose wines of this colour are about as fashionable as Hush Puppies. Well that is a crying shame because this wine is brilliant, it has the freshness you want it has amazing texture and the sheer joy that the weight of fruit on the palate brings is wonderful. In short it is the perfect rose wine for winter.
  3. Domaine de la Vielle Tour, Cotes de Provence, France, 2018, 12.5% 4.90 23.00
    Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Syrah
    A beautiful Provence rose without pretention, a wine without the big name clanging away before you’ve even tasted it, a wine which does its talking in the glass. Everything about this wine is delicate, the colour is the palest shade of pink, the nose has subtle but persistent notes of fresh red fruits and the palate just strolls around gently dropping compliments at your taste-buds (does that even make sense?) All of these delicate elements add up to one of the best Provence roses you’ll try.
  4. Domaine Joseph Mellot ‘le Rabault’ Sancerre Rose, Loire Valley 2017 13% 7.10 £33.00
    Pinot Noir
    Sancerre isn’t just about white wine there are also a number of Pinot Noir vineyards and historically these would produce some very fine red wines. With the amazing popularity for rose wines more and more vignerons have moved from red to rose and boy have they done it well. This is just a little touch of Loire heaven in a glass, dry, elegant, with far away creamy notes at the edges it’s a great wine for cheeses such as brie or goats cheese.

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